NVFESPB Official
Baseball Hat - $15.00
Official Band Patch - $7.00
Can/bottle koozie - $3.00
Keychain -- $3.00
22oz Stadium cup - $3.00
NVFESPB Coasters -
$.50/ea or 3 for $1.00
Band emblem T-Shirt - $20.00
NVESPB Challenge Coin - $15.00/ea
2 for $25.00 -- 3 for $35.00
(YEP! Its also a bottle opener!)
NVFESPB Vinyl Sticker (4"x4") - $3.00

All purchases have FREE SHIPPING!!

Bulk purchase discounts available!! Our
selection of merchandise sometimes changes
so if you don't see what you want please
contact us (we might have it)!!

Please contact the
Merchandise Mngr with
any questions or orders.

Thanks in advance for your purchase!! All of
the proceeds from merchandise sales go
towards uniform/instrument purchases and