Band Practice
(or as the Pipe Major reminds us...
it is Band
Rehearsal...we practice at home
and we meet to rehearse)
Held every Wednesday night at the Fairfax
County Fire & Rescue Department Training
Academy (4600 West Ox Rd, Fairfax, VA)
from 7 PM to 9 PM.
All members of the band come out with the
pipers typically spending 30 min to 1 hour on
practice chantors while the drummers work on
drum pads. The last hour of practice has the
band together on full pipes and drums to
practice for the upcoming event at hand.
Beginner Instruction

Held prior to regular band practice from 6 PM to
7 PM or by appointment. Sessions are held for
those “off the street” with little or no experience in
either bag piping or drumming. Our veteran
players, the Pipe Major and Drum Sergeants
work with the beginners showing and teaching the
students how to play the respective instruments.

Pipers need to purchase a practice chantor, reed
and music books. Drummers need to purchase
sticks and a music book. When the student is
deemed ready they are progressed on to the
music of our street performances. Eventually, the
pipers purchase their bag pipes and begin
learning to play all over again. Drummers will
eventually be issued a drum (snare or tenor).

All beginners must perform an audition for the
Pipe Major and the Drum Sergeants to prove
they are ready to participate with the full band in

If you are interested in joining and learning one of
these instruments, please contact Pipe Major
Steve Cochran.